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About Zirax

Zirax is one of the leading international chemical groups operating at Oil & Gas, De-icing, Food and Industrial business segments.

Zirax is the second largest supplier of synthetic calcium chloride pellets (94-98%) globally and one of the leading suppliers in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Zirax supplies high quality synthetic Calcium chloride anhydrous pellets and powder 94-98% food and technical grades ex Russian and Egyptian production sites.

Such diversified geo position let Zirax to propose to customers the best economically reasonable option. An excellent geo location of Egyptian plant at a port city Port Said West let Zirax to propose competitive prices for majority of destinations along with the shortest transit time and the maximum possible variety of destinations for delivery.

Zirax was established in 2002 in Russia and currently includes more than 350 professionals working in various areas, from production and R&D to marketing and service.

Zirax current production facilities are located in Russia - Volgograd city and in Perm city.

Zirax calcium chloride pellets (96-98%) are manufactured via synthetic HCl and limestone and are certified under Kosher and Helal certificates, as well as E509 certificates for food applications.

Zirax process is ISO certified as well.

This provides for best possible quality control via the whole process chain to produce the final material for our existing and new customer base globally, including tailor made solutions for particular purposes, which need the most careful treatments.

Zirax acquired in 2009 limestone mine in the area of its main production facility in Volgograd, which helped to provide for long-term security of supply and insured sustainable quality control for to Zirax calcium chloride 96-98% pellets supplied worldwide and can be considered as benchmark quality globally in the selected range.

Zirax logistics team provides our worldwide customer base with high-end quality "door to door" delivery service, including calcium chloride pellets, oil production and stimulation chemicals and various multi-component brines. Zirax products are traded in Russia, Asia, Middle East, North Sea, Latin and North America with Zirax logistics service extended to particular well and/or customer's warehouse.

Zirax also established intermediate warehouse facilities base in Western Europe, North Africa and Emirates.

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